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Meet the Characters: Nicky

Meet Nicky

Nicky is Sula's young cousin. He's older than Charlie and younger than Bing, Sula, and Pando.

Nicky is playful, curious and excited to learn about every-single-thing. Nicky is extremely affectionate and loves to hug Bing a bit more than Bing is prepared for: Occasionally Bing also feels a bit uncomfortable with just how much Sula LOVES Nicky. Nicky just wants to be included.

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Nicky is very...

playful, endearing and curious about the new world around him!

Nicky mini hoppity voosh image

Nicky's favourite toy is...

his mini Hoppity Voosh.

Nicky and Bing image

Nicky wants...

to partcipate in everything that Bing does.

Nicky things

Nicky-Springtime-Colouring-Sheet activity image

Nicky Springtime Colouring Sheet

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Bing Clothing

Bing Clothing

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Bing Books

Books & Stationery

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